Political Science B.A. (Honours) students can expect to graduate with a deeper understanding of Political Science subject matter. Political science is a social science discipline concerned with the study of the state, government, and politics. Aristotle defined it as the study of the state. Key advantages of this Course are Strong knowledge of Political Science, and More opportunities for graduate school or jobs.

Syllabus of BA (Honours) Political Science as per Delhi University

Semester I
Paper I: Colonialism in India
Paper II: Understanding Political Theory
Paper III: Constitutional Democracy and Govt. in India
Paper IV: Concurrent – Qualifying Language
Semester II
Paper V: Nationalism in India
Paper VI: Political Theory: Concepts and Debates
Paper VII: Political Processes in India
Paper VIII: Concurrent – Credit Language
Semester III
Paper IX: Introduction to Comparative Govt. and Politics
Paper X: Theories of Administration
Paper XI: Theories of International Relations and World History
Paper XII: Concurrent – Interdisciplinary
Semester IV
Paper XIII: Political Institutions and Processes in Comparative Perspective
Paper XIV: Public Policy and Administration in India
Paper XV: Global Politics
Paper XVI: Concurrent – Discipline Centered I
Semester V
Paper XVII: Indian Political Thought-I
Paper XVIII: Classical Political Philosophy
Paper XIX: Development Process and Social Movements in Contemporary India
Paper XX: One optional from the following:
A. Understanding South-Asia
B. The African Experience: Polity and Economy
C. Feminism Theory and Practices
D. Dilemmas in Politics
E. Public Policy in India
Semester VI
Paper XXI: Indian Political Thought-II
Paper XXII: Modern Political Philosophy
Paper XXIII: India’s Foreign Policy
Paper XXIV: One optional from the following:
A. Contemporary Political Economy
B. Feminism and Indian Politics
C. The United Nations and Global Conflicts
D. State Institutions and Civil Society Organisations in India
Paper XXV: Concurrent – Discipline Centered II

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